SACE Aboriginal Studies

The Youth Education Centre (YEC) is proud to offer high-quality, inclusive courses and a welcoming and positive learning environment.

In keeping with this proud history, the YEC now offers Indigenous education in its curriculum. This includes a SACE Aboriginal studies course and important cultural activities.

Inclusive Aboriginal Education Team

The YEC is proud to have a dedicated Aboriginal Education Team that focuses on inclusive classrooms and offers:

  • Future paths for students
  • A deeper connection to Indigenous culture
  • Worthwhile engagement with the wider Indigenous community and mentors

The YEC Aboriginal Education Team is dedicated to ensuring that Aboriginal voices are heard in our curriculum. As well as our Aboriginal Education Team, the YEC also has:

  • Aboriginal Student Support Staff
  • Aboriginal Education Community Officers on all three education sites
  • An Aboriginal Education Teacher

Our SACE Aboriginal Studies Course

The Aboriginal Education Team is pivotal in our approach Aboriginal Studies at YEC.

Due to their hard work, we now offer SACE Aboriginal Studies topics. These topics allow students to learn from Aboriginal peoples and the wider Indigenous community. This course draws on several disciplines including:


Society and Culture




Who is the Aboriginal Studies Course for?

Our Aboriginal Studies course is for students interested in the culture and history of Australia’s First Nation peoples. This course will also teach the current social issues affecting Aboriginal communities today.

    What will this course teach me?

    The Aboriginal Studies Course will teach you:

    • Indigenous Australian perspectives, identity and stories.
    • First Nations Peoples’ history and experiences, learning how these events still affect current events.
    • Deepen understanding of racism and how to counter it.
    • The importance of preserving First Nations culture.

    The YEC’s Pledge to Indigenous Cultural Learning

    The YEC’s commitment to Indigenous education doesn’t stop with the SACE Aboriginal Studies course. The YEC teaches students to perform cultural activities such as:

      Ancient Smoking Ceremonies

      Wood Carving

      Hisory of Important Cultural Dates

      These experiences give students a firsthand account of Aboriginal culture and connections with the local community and Elders.

      Meeting with the local community and Elders also gives students important mentors that help students on their own paths of self-improvement.

      Our Flexicentre Mural

      In keeping with the YEC’s commitment to Aboriginal studies, a mural was installed at the Flexicentre. This mural reflects the YEC’s values through First Nations art.

      “The water flowing through the design represents our journey.

      The large circle in the centre represents that we all have a place. The symbol in the middle symbolises being provided with opportunities and making the most of them.

      At the top of the wall we see the three yellow sections representing the paths that have been taken to be here and that no paths are the same.

      On the left we have a large gathering place with the symbol representing people being respected to develop and find their voice.

      On the right we have a smaller gathering place with the symbol representing the process of nurturing growth and development.”

      – Scott Rathman, Rusted Tin Contemporary Aboriginal Arts

      The YEC is proud to offer students an education that matches their own strengths and goals. Our commitment to Aboriginal studies is an example of the YEC’s pledge of academic excellence and self improvement.

      The YEC’s Aboriginal Education team delivers our SACE Aboriginal Studies course. Feel free to reach out and contact us for more information today.