Certificate II in Construction

At the Youth Education Centre, we offer a range of different courses for all our students. Unlike other secondary schools, we create individual learning plans for every student. To accommodate each student, we offer more than just the standard SACE courses. 

The Certificate II in Construction is a crucial step to a successful career in the construction industry. This is one of the most important construction courses, setting the groundwork for a future career in construction. 

The Youth Education Centre builds futures. The Certificate II in Construction helps students to reach the future they’re passionate about.

Youth Education Centre — More Than Just A Secondary School

The Youth Education Centre is more than just a secondary school. At the YEC, we offer a variety of different pathways to accommodate our students’ goals. Whether a student wants to study their SACE or start on a vocational path, the YEC is here to help. 

The Youth Education Centre creates tailored learning plans for all students, allowing them to learn at their own pace. This doesn’t only make students more likely to succeed, it also makes them more likely to want to succeed. 

In addition to our goal of academic success, the YEC also prioritises personal development. The YEC wants every student to inhabit the three central values of our school – respect, responsibility, and academic success. The learning environment and tailored learning plans help to make this goal so achievable. 

What Will I Learn?

This course is an introduction to construction skills in Australia. For many, this course is the first step on a future career in building and construction. During this course, you will learn crucial construction education and training, including:





This course teaches vital practical skills for would-be construction workers. This nationally recognised qualification focuses on getting students ‘industry-ready’ for the world of construction.

This course teaches vital practical skills for would-be construction workers. This nationally recognised qualification focuses on getting students ‘industry-ready’ for the world of construction.

How Do I Enrol? 

This Certificate II in Construction Pathways is supported by the FCTA. The FCTA holds a range of short courses covering construction industry training courses.

To enrol in this course, email admin@FCTA.com.au for more information.

Where Is The Course Held?

While the FCTA runs the course, the Certificate II in Construction Pathways is held at the Flexicentre. 

The Flexicentre is the headquarters of the Youth Education Centre. Located just off Churchill Road in Kilburn, the Flexicentre is at a central location and easily accessible via public transport. 

Youth Education Centre
17-27 Montgomery Road, Kilburn SA

The Flexicentre Difference

The Flexicentre was built with accessibility and openness in mind. 

Located in a central location, the Flexicentre is easily accessible for students across Adelaide. Easy routes to the Flexicentre via both bus and train allow students to travel to and from the school with ease. 

The Flexicentre also has access to the latest in educational technology. This makes studying at the Flexicentre easy, enjoyable, and exciting for all students. 

The Flexicentre has the tools and the construction short courses to create meaningful future pathways for all students.

Contact Us

Do you need more information about the courses we offer or the facilities available at the Youth Education Centre? If so, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team today. 

Contact the team at the Youth Education Centre either by phone at (08) 8350 8350, or by email at dl.0195.info@schools.sa.edu.au.