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Jonal Dr Campus

The Cavan Campus of Youth Education Centre, located within the Cavan Training Centre, works in partnership with DCSI to provide education and training for young men typically 10 to 14 years of age and young women typically 10 to 20 years old.

All students participate in programs to improve literacy and numeracy, individualised to ensure each young person engages at an appropriate level and progresses successfully towards identified learning goals. Every Youth Education Centre student has an individual learning plan.

Younger students study the Australian Curriculum. All are actively involved in the Child Protection Curriculum.

Older students have access to a diverse curriculum and a degree of choice in educational and vocational pathways that support successful transitions to further study or work upon re-entry to the community. This includes a range of SACE courses as well as VET programs in Hospitality. Options change to address student needs and ensure a rich and stimulating curriculum is maintained.

Social, cultural, criminogenic, health and behavioural issues are addressed in programs such as Victim Awareness, Breaking the Cycle, Our Journey to Respect, Healing Program, Drugs and Alcohol, Sexuality and Relationships, Boys to Men, Conflict Resolution, and Anger Management. These programs are delivered in partnership with Families SA and community service providers.