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The Flexicentre provides educational and vocational based programs, designed to re-engage young people between the ages of 15 and 18 years. Some of these programs are ongoing (ie. the General Program) and others are skill based Short Courses most of which are accredited.

Students participating in the General Program are between the ages of 15 and 18 and are at risk of becoming disengaged from mainstream education.

The curriculum offered has an emphasis on literacy and numeracy and covers most learning areas for middle school aged students, specialising for those in senior years. Students are also engaged in additional learning areas such as Digital Art and Hospitality.

Support is also provided in the study of SACE subjects including PLP (Personal Learning Plan), Literacy for Community & Work, Numeracy for Community & Work, Art and Health. The general shape of the course is as follows but where appropriate students are encouraged to pursue interests in a structured manner:
  • Daily spelling, mental and quiz activities
  • SRC meetings
  • Living Skills
  • Information Technology
  • Intensive Literacy and Numeracy (individually tailored assistance)
  • Product Design
  • Physical Education
  • Out and About (Community Education)
  • Music Appreciation
  • Current Affairs
  • Art
  • Personal Learning Plan (SACE)
The Flexicentre is located at Montgomery Road Kilburn (the old Kilburn Primary School) and there are the following public transport options:
TRAIN: Kilburn Train Station is on the Gawler Line and is a 5 minute walk from the Flexicentre.
BUS: Bus Stop 22 on Churchill Road Kilburn. There are 4 bus routes that travel via Churchill Road:
Route 235 - Kilburn to City
Route 237 - Valley View to City
Route 238 - UniSA Mawson Lakes Campus to City
Route 239 - Arndale Shopping Centre to City
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